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Marford Road Dental goes through the myths of teeth whitening so you get a better understanding of what is the best way of whitening your teeth for the best natural glow

The Fact and the Fiction; Teeth Whitening


In the height of contemporary culture beauty standards have evolved beyond a pretty face and a statuesque frame we are now more and more concerned with the particulars of our appearance and amidst this rising trend we have found an increasing desire to emulate the smiles we see on TV. It is known that having a whiter, brighter smile improves self-confidence, so it is of no surprise that more and more people are turning to teeth whitening. And wherever popularity reigns so do folklores. Below are a few of the most common idioms heard when it comes to teeth whitening.

“White teeth are in fashion”


Absolutely! I mean almost no one would actually choose to have a darker shade of teeth if they were given the choice and most people would definitely opt for a brighter, whiter smile. Ladies, it is like wearing red lipstick with yellow teeth in comparison to the impact with white teeth or even the reason why so many brides are whitening their teeth to match their white wedding dress on their big day. And as for you gentlemen out there, it is similar to having a white set of teeth along your crisp white shirt as opposed to the yellow teeth contrast.”

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